Christian FROMHOLZ
Solution Designer


So Wood solutions designer

As an engineer, a graduate from the Ecole des Mines in Nancy, Christian Fromholz, a dynamic and passionate inventor had already worked his way round the steel industry for 20 years when he discovered the world of wood. He then invented a new patented machining process* and with his society SIIMO SAS and the successful collaboration of the " Ecole des Arts et Métiers ", he designed a single machine which challenges the limits of creativity. Since 2013 he has thus produced complex and unusual shapes which would have been difficult, even impossible to produce before. Furthermore he dreams big, since there is no size limit with this process and the results are of the highest quality. His taste for designing has developed and led him towards personal creation too. But first and foremost, Christian Fromholz seeks new challenges. He specifically cooperates with designers, project planners and architects who see him as a " solution designer ". He will detect any technical problem, give informed advice and suggest a tailored solution in order to support projects, even the most challenging ones.
Create. Be bold. Find out too about how this unique expertise reveals the natural elegance and nobility of wood through high quality shaped pieces. Christian Fromholz " Sowood-designer " will help you meet your challenges !

* multidirectional epicyclical milling


Street furniture - 2016
Some benches...

Street furniture - 2016 Some benches...

Clover 2015
Mathieu Lehanneur

Clover 2015 Mathieu Lehanneur

Toulouse 2015

Toulouse 2015

Art & Deco




SHOW CASE : 01.10.2015

A sample will be presented at MATERIO' SAS / PARIS during a meeting with architects, designers and professionals in the luxury, fashion and automotive industry.



Christian Fromholz
60 rue du Patural l'Evèque
57950 Montigny-les-Metz
T. +33(3)87 62 84 32

T. +33(3)87 62 84 32